A Photo Catalogue…the never-ending supply of photos!

Business scenario: Marketing manager goes mad.

You’re busy working at your desk, trying hard to concentrate, while doing your best to ignore Tom from marketing as he gets increasingly frustrated at whatever he’s doing. You’ve ‘ignored’ him for the last 30 minutes talking to himself with a whole lot of variations of: “No, that won’t do”, “That one’s no good”, and “That’s not the one I need”. He’s been clicking his mouse button in an increasingly violent manner, and as you look up to finally ask him what’s wrong, he stands up, looks at you, and in his frustrated-but-trying-to-be-polite voice, he asks “Do you have a close-up photo of someone holding one of our blue products?”

You pause for a moment, processing his question then doing a visual run-through in your head to figure out if you have a photo that will meet his needs. You come to the conclusion that you don’t have one, and you say “Sorry Tom, I have one with the green product, but not the blue one”, knowing full well that his annoyance will most likely gain more traction. “Have you asked Sarah in admin?” you ask. “Yes, I asked her half an hour ago, she can’t find any product photos on her computer at all.” Tom replies.

Sound familiar? Do you ever have that we-never-have-the-right-photo feeling?

Well never fear, I’m here to help you with that!

There are two reasons why Tom can’t find the right photo:
1. The photo exists but there’s no central place where all the photos for the business are stored, which means that the one he wants is probably saved on someone’s hard drive or USB, in a folder that’s not labelled correctly, never to be seen again.
The solution to this problem is easy….have one specific folder on a central computer where all photos are stored. Whenever the business gets new photos, they always go into this folder.

photo collection, lots of photos, library

2: The photo never existed and Tom has just wasted half an hour trying to find something that isn’t even there. He’s probably wasted many valuable hours over many months (or years) trying to find the right photos for his marketing projects.
The solution to this problem is also easy…hire me to create a catalogue of photos that will cover a whole range of your marketing needs.

“How do you create a catalogue of photos?” you ask. It takes time to build up a large collection of photos, but with good planning, we can come up with the best and most versatile photos to represent the business in the first photoshoot, then add to it as you find gaps in what you need and as the business grows.

What usually happens is that the more photos you have that meet your marketing needs, the more the business grows, and then you need more photos of the new services or products you’ve added, and the business grows some more, and so on.

Don’t go mad like Tom did, get organised now, give me a call and we can get started on your catalogue of photos.

A Photo Catalogue…the never-ending supply of photos!

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