How to work with Riverland Commercial Photography

> When and Where….Flexibility is important.

Being available for my clients, when and where they need me, whether it’s weekday working hours, after hours or weekends, is important to my clients so it’s important to me. I can come to your Riverland business to minimise interruptions to your clients and your staff.

> Big business. Small business.

With clients ranging from sole proprietors and medium-sized businesses, through to large corporations and government departments, no business is too big or too small for Riverland Commercial Photography.

> It’s possible to get more money, it’s not possible to get more time.

As someone who has built a business from scratch, I know that there are many transitions in the life of a business. Many businesses will spend time to save money, but when you realise that outsourcing your photography can actually make you more money and save you time, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

> Recognise that you can’t do it all yourself.

Too many businesses waste hours trying to find the right photos for their marketing needs by pouring over photo libraries on their phone, folders on their computers, and violating copyright by copying and pasting from the internet, and eventually compromise when they can’t find one that suits their needs. Blurry, over-exposed, over-saturated, ugly photos just don’t cut it in today’s media. Professional photography by Riverland Commercial Photography will provide you with photos specific to your needs that fit with your marketing plan, making your job more efficient and your marketing more effective at attracting your ideal client.

1. Contact Jannette

Let’s chat about what type of photography you need, and what goals and outcomes you desire for this project. 

2. Accept the quote and make a booking

Once I’ve got details about your project, you’ll receive a quote, and you can confirm the booking by accepting the quote.

3. Photography session, and delivery of your photos

We’ll keep in touch along the whole process to ensure the photo session goes smoothly, and delivery of your photos is timely.

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