FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Most of my clients book 7-14 days ahead, however to ensure your photography can be booked at the date and time that best suits your business, 14 days or more is recommended. Understandably, some photography does not allow for 14 days lead time, and in such circumstances it is best to ring me to schedule a mutually suitable date and time.

You will usually receive your digital files within 48 hours of your session. At very busy times, and when photos require more detailed editing, delivery of your photos may be a bit longer.

No. Whilst sunset and sunrise are the best times for outdoor natural light photography because of the lovely soft, golden light, I understand that it doesn’t always fit in with your business hours or the timing of your event. Knowing when and how to use artificial lighting indoors and outdoors greatly increases the quality of photography at times when natural light or ambient light isn’t ideal. For example, white-background headshots cannot be done in natural light.

Rates for commercial photography vary greatly because most businesses have unique needs. The cost depends on the number of photos needed, type of photography, day scheduled, licensing requirements, special editing requirements, on-location or studio-style photography, and a whole lot more. Once you have contacted me and we have discussed the details of your project, a quote can be sent to you to help with budgeting.
Please see the Pricing page for more information.

Yes. All my business clients receive digital files. In most cases you will receive high resolution and web-sized files to cover usual marketing needs. Event Photography includes files up to 5mb. Under certain circumstances, and when arranged at the time of booking, RAW or TIFF files can be supplied.

Yes. Whilst the majority of my work requires the supply of digital files, I can also have your images printed as framed photographic prints, wood prints, acrylics, and canvases.

In most circumstances I will arrive 15-20 minutes before your session. If I haven’t already seen your location to check lighting and layout, I may arrive earlier. I will always be ready to start photographing at the scheduled time, and any set-up is done beforehand.

Post production is the editing of digital files (editing in photography is a bit like a chef adding seasoning to a dish). Editing can be as simple as correcting white balance, straightening, and adjusting exposure/contrast/colour to make the image more visually pleasing, right through to photo manipulation to achieve artistic and creative effects. Booking fees include basic editing, and more extensive editing can be requested.

The best time to schedule photography is the time that best suits your business. Depending on what type of business you have, and what type of photography you need, you may need to make a booking when you are your busiest (Eg. a holiday park to capture a full park with lots of activities), or when you are at your quietest (Eg. staff headshots to minimise disruption to your work duties and clients). RCP is available 7 days a week, 50 weeks a year to fit in with your business.

No. In Australia, with regards to commercial work, the person who takes the photo automatically owns the copyright. When you pay someone to take the photos, you are paying for their time and skills (usually referred to as a creative fee). You can use the photos according to the licensing agreement you enter in to when you accept the quote or make the booking. In a similar manner, when you eat at a restaurant, you do not own the recipe just because you paid for a meal, or when you download a song you’re paying to listen to the song, you’re not paying to own the song.

Copyright can be transferred to someone else, but it is usually very expensive. A more cost-effective solution is to obtain a license to exclusively use the images.

More information regarding copyright can be found here.

Please contact me via email or phone to discuss your specific needs, and check my availability.

I have Public Liability insurance, White Card training for working on constuction sites, and a Working With Children Check.

The Riverland Media Network is a group of  like-minded professional media artists/creators who collaborate to deliver the best possible solution to their customers. Each business is helping to bridge the gap between the arts industry and the business world. Find out more here.

Partnering with Riverland Commercial Photography isn’t just about providing great photos…it’s important to also be able to run a business effectively by being punctual, communicate effectively, understand that each client has different needs, to be available 7 days of the week, and to guide clients through the process. Jannette can do all these things and more, to ensure that you, the client, get great photos and excellent service!

Riverland Commercial Photography is insured and accredited, and is happy to liaise with your graphic designer and marketing department to make sure your photos suit your unique needs.