How to Prepare For Product Photography

When organising your products for photography, we will chat about what type of media you will be using the photos for (print, website, social media, signage etc), and whether you need white background photos or styled photos. White background product photos are the most common and are usually used for an eCommerce website or a catalogue. Your photos can be supplied as a png file format with a transparent background so you can add them to another photo/background, and reflections and shadows can be created during photography, or they can be added underneath your product in post production.

Whether you have one product or a whole catalogue of products, it’s really important that when you have them photographed you supply the ‘perfect product’. Supplying the ‘perfect product’ not only makes it easier to photograph, but more than that, it cuts down on the post processing time (editing), which saves you money!

Look over each of your products carefully and check out these tips when choosing the ‘perfect product’ to have photographed:
* Labels/embossing/printing are straight vertically and horizontally.
* Labels/packaging are free from scratches and printing defects.
* Cap/lid/cork is defect-free, unopened and centred with the front label.
* If the product is transparent, make sure the volume is the same as it would usually be when the product is sold.
* In general, products should be free from bumps, scratches and other defects, and seams should be at the back.
* Wipe over each product with a soft cloth to remove dust, lint, and fingerprints.
* Remove the back label of transparent products.

When you contact me to discuss your product photography needs we can chat about the various options for your photos.