Environmental Portraits

Whilst there is still a big demand in the Riverland for white background headshots, there is an increasing demand for environmental business portraits.

What is an environmental portrait?
Simply put, it’s a photo of a person with a background that is more than just a plain backdrop. Sometimes the environment is indoors in an office or other workspace, or the entrance to a business such as a foyer or front door. Other times it’s outdoors by the river, in front of your business, or at your outdoor working environment such as a winery or orchard.

What sort of locations can be used for environmental portraits?
The location for your business portraits can be a place that shows your business in the background, or it might be a place that showcases our beautiful Riverland landscape. If you’re a primary producer, you might like your portrait session to be in your vineyard, out in a paddock, or between lush green rows of orange trees. If you’re a marketing manager you might prefer a more urban background. Prior to your photo session, we will chat about which location(s) you prefer and which ones best portray the message you want to show your clients and potential clients.

Posed and semi-posed portraits.
The terms ‘headshot’ or ‘business portrait’ most often refer to posed or semi-posed photos. For instance, it’s always about seeing your face….showing the viewer what you look like. Even though the portraits can depict your working environment, they usually don’t focus on the tasks that you do…it’s all about seeing your face and showing the viewer that you’re approachable and friendly. Photos that concentrate on the tasks you do usually fall into the category of promotional and branding photography, rather than business portraits.

I’ll guide you through the process so you are well prepared.
Preparing yourself and your staff for your portraits is the best way to ensure comfortable staff and great smiles. Being prepared is as much about being mentally ready as it is about knowing what to wear, so I chat with you about the process beforehand, and send you information to help you all be ready for a successful photo session.

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Environmental Portraits

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