5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Professional Photographer For Your Website Photos

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Professional Photographer For Your Website Photos

As a business owner it’s easy to get caught in the trap of ‘It will be cheaper if I do it myself”. To some extent it’s true, but there’s always a tipping point in the capability of a business that changes from DIY to making an investment that takes your business to a whole new level.

Professional photography is one of those investments that takes your online presence and print marketing to a whole new level of branding and captures the attention of more of your target market. Here are some reasons why.

1: Conversions
Professional photos will provide the most accurate representation of your products and services, building confidence with potential clients. When you only have a few minutes to make the sale with online visitors, and since they can’t handle or taste your products before making a decision, they will make it based on the quality of the photos they see. The higher the quality of photo, the more likely they are to convert from just looking to buying. A professional photographer will understand how to create images that match your business, and will know how to adjust lighting and shadows, angles, colour, and what to include and leave out of an image. They will also know how to take a photo in less-than-perfect situations (poor light, background distractions etc), enabling consistent quality of your photos.

  1. Consistency and Reliability

As mentioned above, consistent quality of your photos, from capture through to editing/retouching, can be supplied by a professional photographer. A professional will ensure that your photos have a correct white balance and exposure, good lighting and composition. From the first contact you make with them right through to delivery of photos and any follow-up contact, a professional will help you understand the photography process and be able to answer your questions.

A photo using your phone won’t accurately represent the colours of your product, the wide-angle lens will distort the image, and reflections and poor lighting can make it difficult to read labels.


  1. Showcasing Quality In Your Business

Showcasing your business with great photography is a very effective way of selling, especially with the rise of digital marketing. The photos you use on your website and other marketing represent your business just as much as the staff, and products and services you offer. Poor quality photos reflect poorly on your business and makes it difficult for potential clients to understand why they should pay good money for your product or service when you don’t pay good money for representing them. After all, if you’re cutting corners on photography, what else are you potentially cutting corners on?

  1. Versatility

A professional photographer can supply files to suit your needs. Whether it’s a png file with a transparent background, or a TIF file for an enlargement onto a wall mural or billboard, through to a psd layered file or a websized file that loads quickly on your website, a professional photographer will be able to supply your files in the format you need.

  1. Photos Are Easily Shared

The benefits of the social media community sharing, liking, and retweeting photos of your products and services is difficult to overstate. Posting professional photos alongside your social media posts makes them far more likely to appeal to your desired audience and in turn raises the likelihood of them engaging in your content, ultimately growing your brand and making more sales.

Talk to me today about how I can create great photos to showcase your products or services, and turn potential clients into buyers!

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Professional Photographer For Your Website Photos

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