Why You Don't Want All The Photos Your Photographer Takes

There are two main reasons why you don’t want all the photos your photographer takes:

1: There will be photos that you simply do not need or have use for. The number of photos a photographer captures during a session can vary greatly depending on the type of session (products, food, event, headshots, real estate  etc), how long the session takes, the purpose for which the photos will be used, and the client’s desired outcome. Part of the photography process involves culling photos that do not turn out well enough to use. For instance, the photographer may change the lighting, positioning, or angle of the shot resulting in a photo that is better than the previous one. There would be no need to do anything with the previous photo because it wouldn’t fit the desired outcome, and therefore the photo is likely to be deleted or culled.


2: Professional photographers shoot using a file format called RAW. The photo-viewing software that comes with most computers is not able to read a RAW file. You would need to purchase software that can read the files. So if you ask your photographer for all the original files, you won’t be able to view or edit the them.

RAW files do not look ‘finished’. They are raw data, and the image needs to be edited to enhance colours, details, and contrast, then saved as a processed jpeg file.

The difference between a RAW file and a JPEG file.

Why do photographers use RAW files? RAW files have more data/information in them and are therefore more versatile for editing. It’s a bit like starting with the ingredients of a recipe, rather than the finished cake. 

When you pay for a professional photographer, you’re paying for their time and skill to edit the photos as well as to take the photos. Your photographer should be able to deliver edited photos ready for you to use.

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