Tempt them with an experience rather than a product

When promoting your product or service, don’t just show your audience what it is….show them an experience they can have. Sometimes that means showing them how to use a product and what they can create from it, or tempting them with how they will feel while using it. This old-fashioned claw-footed ‘bath under the stars’ at a local Riverland bed and breakfast is the perfect example. A daytime photo of an empty bath just wouldn’t do. However, a twilight photoshoot with soft lights, a great bottle of wine and some local chocolate covered dried apricots is the perfect way to set the scene. The warm colours of the lights and the steaming hot water makes you want to slide in and relax with the wine in one hand and apricots in the other.

One photo is not usually enough to entice your audience to really feel the emotions you want to create. Detailed photos of the fluffy white bubbles on top of the water, the rose petals scattered on the path leading to the bath, and a glimpse into the secluded location all help to draw your audience into taking action and to buy your experience.

It takes planning, preparation, and time to create great photos for your business that highlights the unique experiences that you offer.

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