A very big thank you to all my wonderful clients who ask me to photograph their special events, loved family members (including their precious pets!), promote their business, help with their website and much more. I love doing what I do, and you all make it very rewarding.

I am blessed to have clients say some lovely words about what I do, and how I do it:

“They are fabulous!! Thank you so much.”
Lifestyle Assistance and Accommodation Service Inc (LAAS) (Promotional Photography for new website, Dec 2018)

“I am blown away by the professional photos and Facebook blog and just the general way Jannette goes about her business all round. She even arranged an aerial photograph of my mural which was so cool!!! So fantastic to have a record of the process of creating my largest mural so far with the Adelaide artist Sarah Boese as my mentor during the process of learning aerosol art….Jannette has assisted me in having cherished images of an amazing experience. I am very grateful and would highly recommend her services!”
Suzanne M (Promotional Photography, October 2018)

“The printed photos look so much nicer than a computer screen.”
Family Photography client (July 2018)

“Wow Jannette. Amazing work, thank you.”
Cherie H (Promotional Photography for business website, August 2018)

“I loved your work! You have a good eye. You did a great job.”
Georgia T (Promotional Photography for business website, August 2018)

“Thank you so much for the prints. The packages were professional and beautiful. I am really happy with the way they have turned out. You have done a fantastic job.” Kylie F (Pet Photography, February 2018)

“Thank you again so much for photographing our engagement party – the photos are perfect, just what we wanted to remember the night!” Ashleigh H (Event Photography, Dec 2017)

“Thanks Jannette – we are really happy with the job you did – and what has come out….just fantastic.” Lisa I (Event photography for SA Power Networks, August 2017)

“It is more beautiful than I could have hoped for. What a blessing you have given me.”
Kathie M (large canvas print of a Lake bonney photo, July 2017)

“Thank you so much! They are awesome! The kids had so much fun this afternoon, you are a gem! Thank you.”
“Great communication, reliable, flexible, fun…and the photos were exactly what we were after!”

Breanna H (Tennis SA. Photos of the Junior Grasscourt Championships, April 2017)

“We recently married and Jannette took care of our photography. We found her very easy to work with and only to happy to try any ideas we came up with. The finished  products were exactly what we wished for, and we thank her for the fantastic finished photos offer to us in many different formats.”
John & Mary B (March 2017)

“It’s truly beautiful so thank you.”
Mel C (Request for a framed Riverland photo at short notice. Photo was chosen, then framed, matted, and supplied with Ultra Vue glass, March 2017)

“I saw a post on Facebook and thought I would have a look at your work. I was so impressed that I contacted you. I found you so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. We went through the photos you had done, and the end result is now proudly situated on our wall. Thank you so much.
Very professional and compassionate about taking the best that the client is after.”
Cheryl M (aerial photos, and Pure Brilliance Sheer acrylic print, January 2017)

In reference to recommending my photography services: “I would show them my photos and say how lovely you were and good you are.”
Sacha B (couples portrait session, Dec 2016)

“A professional approach working with clients at all steps from first discussions to final paperwork with excellent photos. Confident and skilled photographer.”
Lisanne J (child care photos, Oct 2016)

“Jannette demonstrated great flexibility at very short notice!”
Kate S (business portrait, Oct 2016)

“Jannette is very accommodating, and easy to work with. The photos she presented are a high quality. She was able to move about during the event without being intrusive.”
Sue S (birthday party photos, Oct 2016)

“Jannette was very calm and professional. Her photos are of very high quality, and she is very easy to get along with. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”
Annette K (Business Promotional Portraits, Aug 2016)

“We are very impressed with the services of Jannette Fullham. We have recently had family photos taken by her and she kept calm when dealing with a large bunch of people, was courteous and friendly. The results were some lovely photographs beautiful presented within a good time frame.”
Lori G (family portraits, June 2016)

“Thanks so much Jannette and Chris for your swift, efficient service. We were so impressed. We feel like we’re in capable hands, and that our business is being treated with respect.  Appreciate so much the detailed report and useful tips after each request has been completed.”
Karen, Canoe Adventures (website maintenance, 2016)

“The service was tailored to suit our needs which was great. Jannette was very flexible on the night, taking any photos we asked and staying longer, at our request. The photos were of an excellent quality and we didn’t have to wait long to get them. Overall, we were extremely pleased with the service and product. I loved all the little details, even the gorgeous personalised cover for the CD case.”
Andrea A (1st birthday party, June 2016)

“I regularly use Jannette Fulham Photography for their quick understanding of the visual story, and beautifully illustrating my clients achievements.  As a result, she saves my business money, while playing a big part in my high return business, as all my clients were enchanted with the way they had been portrayed.  I recommend Jannette Fulham Photography for cost effectiveness, reliability and timely delivery.”
Michelle C (a range of business photography services)