Making a great first impression will start with photos that accompany your online listing. Potential buyers have limited time to search and they have many listings to review. Your photos need to reflect your home and property at it’s best.

Your home should be clean and decluttered, and as much of a neutral space as possible so that potential buyers could see themselves living in your house.

Inside closets/cupboards and small toilet areas and garages are generally not photographed unless it is a finished workshop, or has an interesting feature, so these spaces can be used to store items you do not want to be seen.

If you are unsure if an item will show up in the pictures, it probably will and it’s best to hide it.

Here are some tips for preparing each part of your home and property:

Clear fridge/freezer doors and tops of ALL notes, magnets and items.
Place kitchen items and electrical appliances in cupboards (water dispensers, toasters, blenders, kettle etc).
Remove clutter such as tissue boxes, and cooking items such as utensils, spices, knife blocks, dish rack, cloths, sponges, tea towels, oven mits, keys, saucepans.
Hide highchairs.
Polish stainless steal dishwashers, ovens and fridges.
Clean splash backs and range hoods.

Tuck in sheets.
Remove charging cables, extension cords and power boards.
Remove personal care items, make-up, photos and clothing and shoes.
Clear bedside tables (except lamps).
Pack away toys into wardrobe.

Close toilet lid.
Clear counter tops of toothbrushes, makeup, shavers, soap, face washers, hair dryers, curling irons.
Replace towels with clean, folded towels.
Clean mirrors and shower glass.
Clear shower of shampoo, conditioner, soap and hanging racks.
Remove dressing gowns and over-the-door hangers.
Remove floor and shower mats.
Ensure toilet roll is not empty.

Living and family rooms
Remove clutter such as magazines, phones, charges, tissue boxes.
Clear tops and underneath cupboards and coffee tables (except lamps).
Keep items on shelves/mantels to 2-3 items.
Remove toys.
Hide tv and electronic cables, remotes and controllers.

Remove clutter and note papers.
Hide cables.
Turn off monitor.
Close laptop and tablets.

Remove laundry baskets, clothes detergent, and pegs.
Remove clothes including ones in washing machine and dryer if they have clear doors.
Hide bins.

Close garage doors.
Remove cars from driveway.
Wind up hoses and put away.
Put away bikes and toys.
Remove pet’s toys and food/water bowls.
Remove empty plant pots.
Mow lawns.
Remove weeds, and dead plants.
Pool cleaned and pool toys put away.
Sweep driveway and walkways.

Potential buyers may not like pets or may be allergic to them so it’s best to clean furniture of pet hair.
Hide away all pet items including:
Travel crates
Scratching posts
Litter box
Pet toys
Food and water bowls
Pet beds
Pet leads
Other pet related items.
Tie up pets, or leave with friend/neighbour.

Other general tips
Remove anything with family’s names on it (eg. names on children’s bedroom doors)
Clean entire house – vacuum floors.
Mop wood/linoleum floors.
Wash windows, inside and outside, and screens.
Get rid of cobwebs.
Turn OFF fans.
Replace old/blown/missing light bulbs.
Open blinds, curtains (except sheer curtains), and roller shutters.
Close windows.
Hide rubbish bins.
Small decorative pillows are ok for couches and chairs but throw rugs and bulkier items should be put away.
Books on bookshelves should be upright and tidy.

It will usually take me 60-90 minutes to photograph an average 3 bedroom house and property. Maybe longer for larger homes. I will photograph the main areas of your home ie kitchen, dining room, living/family rooms, bedrooms etc. I do not usually photograph inside cupboards/pantries and toilets. The goal is to photograph the best parts of your home to entice potential buyers to schedule a viewing or come to an open house.