A standard school photo just doesn’t capture the fun and activities of preschool well enough. My photography style is to record children playing, learning, and engaging in their favourite activities, within the environment they usually spend their day.

Centre directors, I offer obligation-free photography for your preschool centre. I can consult with you before Photo Day, to add a border with customised colours, logo and border style, as well as child’s name, group/room name, year and any other details. Photography available includes, any pre-arranged combination of individual child inside, individual child outside, group photo, and sibling photos.To find out more, please fill in the form at the ‘Preschool Session Enquiry’ button.

Preschool Session Enquiry

Parents/caregivers, I provide online, password protected viewing galleries, where you can view your child’s photos before purchasing, order and pay online, and then have the prints delivered to the preschool centre. I keep individual prices down so that you can order whatever quantity you choose from the various standard sizes available, as well as offering a value package. If you would like me to send some more information to the centre your child(ren) attend, please click on the ‘Parent’ button.


If you are a parent/caregiver looking for your child’s preschool/ELC/child care photos, please click here for the client galleries.