‘Expression over perfection’

There is skill in taking the ‘perfect’ photo, in the ‘perfect’ environment, such as a portrait of a well-behaved and well-styled child in a beautiful park, with perfect lighting and no distractions.

There is also skill in capturing an image in a not-so-perfect environment. Where the clouds are gloomy and dull, the subjects are having a moment of silly-ness, and it’s more important to capture the fun that’s happening right now, than it is to set up the ‘perfect’ shot.

The unplanned moments are a very important part of an event because they tell part of the story. When the bride looks lovingly at her groom, the guests are taking ‘selfies’ and laughing at themselves, or when a child is off in their own little world at a wedding. These are the moments and relationships that create emotion, and I love photographing them.

Sometimes it’s not possible to get closer, move to a different position, move distracting objects from a scene, use a flash to add light, or ask the subject to position themselves differently. This kind of photography needs fast thinking, fast decisions, and quick actions, to be able to capture the best possible photo with the scene that’s available, and little or no interference from the photographer.

This is my style of photography…it’s a mix of photojournalism, candid and lifestyle photography.

Most of the images I capture for events will not, and cannot, be replicated, and are usually taken in a setting that does not have the added benefits of time, equipment and assistants.

If you need a photographer who can capture your event so you can focus on being a guest or managing the event, and you want to know it will be photographed well, then contact me to discuss your next event!