Capture – ‘to represent or record in lasting form’

Whether it be a family reunion, a day at the beach, a fundraising event, a party, a community celebration, a corporate event, or another event, Jannette Fulham Photography can photograph it for you. Maybe you are the one who usually takes all the ‘snapshots’, but by allowing me to capture the day, means you will be available to participate and enjoy the event, and have peace of mind, knowing that the memories will live on. And you get the benefit of enhanced photos supplied to you, ready to send/email/upload as you want. No need to spend hours sitting at the computer sorting stacks of photos.

Enhance  – ‘to raise to a higher degree, intensify, or magnify’

Simply put, to ‘enhance’ means to edit. Do I edit my photos? Sure I do. Usually it’s just the minimal amount…lighten the shadows, correct the white balance, increase the exposure, or other small adjustments to make the photo appear more like the scene actually was when I captured it. I still want the photos to look real. However, if you would like a ‘heavier’ editing style applied to the photos, I can do that too.

I rarely need to ‘photoshop’ out objects, or change a photo dramatically. I might remove a fly that’s landed on someone’s arm right at the time I press the shutter button, or a fly-away hair lying right across the middle of someone’s eye, but I’ll only do it if it’s absolutely necessary. In an ideal world it would be better to have photos without distracting things, but in reality these kind of things sometimes go unnoticed until I look at them on my computer. With my style of photography it’s more important to capture the scene at the best possible moment and have to edit something out later, than to wait a second or two for the unwanted object to go away and risk missing the moment all together.

 Promote – ‘to contribute to the progress or growth’

 Jannette Fulham Photography would love to help expand your business, organisation or enterprise by photographing your staff, products, services you offer, and events. Whether you use the images for external advertising or internal reporting, visual media will help bring your business to life.

With the availabilty of social media today, I would be more than happy to promote your business when I update my Facebook or my website with photos.