Commercial Photography Is More Than Just Digital Files

With the age of technology, the photography industry embraced the digital medium and it has changed the way we capture and deliver images. However, there is still a demand for photos to be printed. Photos can be printed onto an increasing number textures, and sizes are almost limitless.

This increase in technology has enabled more and more customers to shop online and ‘do business’ online, but there is still value in stepping into a ‘bricks and mortar’ business and talking face-to-face with staff. 

The desire to enhance this experience and make connections with their customers encouraged a Riverland business to commission some local landmark photos to be printed as a large mural for a wall and another photo to be printed onto four blinds. Instead of looking at a blank wall, or a sign that states they are closed, the business’ clients now have two iconic Riverland photos to enjoy. The photos certainly create a great conversation piece with clients about when they last visited Headings Cliff, and even some reminiscing of the Paringa Bridge during the 1956 flood.

Printing photos to enhance your business doesn’t have to be on such a large scale, although the big ones always get more attention!

Contact me today to have a chat about how printed photos can enhance your client’s face-to-face experience with you and your business.