Twilight photos for your business

Twilight photos are most often associated with real estate photography. A beautifully lit home with a warm glow from the inside, and a touch of sunlight on the exterior can make an ordinary home look very inviting. However real estate isn’t the only time that twilight photos can be used.

A few months ago, Venus Citrus in Loxton commissioned an artwork that has paintings on either side that can be seen during the day, and a centre section that is illuminated at night. Whilst the centre section looks good in sunlight, it really comes to life at twilight with the sun setting in the west, and a warm orange glow from behind symbolises the business’ primary focus.

Another example of twilight photography is the ‘outdoor bath’ I photographed for a local B&B. The soft diffused light of sunset/twilight created a golden glow in the scene and enabled the candles and dimly lit globes to be seen and to create an inviting atmosphere.

The right light, whether it be natural or artificial, can create very a different feel to your photos. When discussing your photos we can talk about which ones would look best as twilight photos. Contact me today to have some great photos created for your business.