Venus Citrus adds some colour and creativity to it's business

If you’ve ever driven through an industrial part of any town, you’ll see lots of metal walls, bitumen driveways, gravel paths, and lack of colour. Well, Venus Citrus in Loxton decided to change that so they commissioned a huge artwork by Garry Duncan. 

Venus Citrus is a third generation family owned and run business, providing the highest quality citrus on the market place. Their processing shed in Loxton now displays Garry’s artwork and as you drive by it’s hard to miss!

Garry is a well-known South Australian artist who has created a range of works of art of varying sizes and mediums over many years. His paintings and creations are easily recognisable by his unique style, and much of his inspiration comes from waterways including our magnificent Murray River.

The paintings were inspired by our Riverland region including the citrus industry, Murray River, and Riverland landscapes. The laser cut metal artwork features the mythical women Venus. The artwork was installed by Ben’s Constructions.

With paintings on either side, and the large illuminated metal centre, it needed both daytime and twilight photos to show it off to it’s fullest.

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