Planning and preparation ARE important

Before you decide to hire someone to create some great photos of your business, it’s worthwhile to do some preparation before the photoshoot to ensure the process is efficient, and your required outcomes are met.

♦ Brainstorm ideas for photos you would like taken. For example, if your business is winemaking you might include:
– Photos of your vineyard at different times of the year (budburst, full with leaves, grapes ready to pick, vineyard at sunset).
– Staff headshots of the winemaking team, office staff, and other people involved in your business.
– Photos of the various parts of the winemaking process (picking grapes, barrels, sampling the wine, tanks, wine tasting etc).
– Cellar door sales.
– Product photos of bottled of wine…..and the list could go on.
– Re-write the list in order of priority. Which ones are the most important and urgent to be photographed? The entire list doesn’t have to be done at once, and quite likely can’t be done at the one photoshoot. I can help you decide which photos can be taken, and when, and we can plan for several photoshoots over a set period of time.
– Do any of the photos need extra items or props?
– Where would you like the photos taken? At your business? Inside? Outdoors?

Great photos that showcase your business don’t happen in a rush, they need planning and preparation, and doing it properly yields the best results for you and your business.

Start brainstorming now, and add to the list over the next few weeks. Start a note on a phone app, or on your desktop computer, or even in a paper notebook! When you’ve got a list of ten photos, give me a call, and let’s get it done!