It is finished!

The feeling of accomplishment when a project is completed is very satisfying. I’m guessing that a project the size of the Accolade warehouse and bottling line brings feelings of accomplishment that match it’s scale! Most of us in our lifetime will never lead such a large project, let alone even have the opportunity to be part of one.

To those who have been part of the process, I congratulate you on a job well done. It is a great new facility for our Riverland region, and cements our place in the industry as a wine-producing region that’s growing and leading the way.

Now that the building is finished, I took advantage of the opportunity to take more aerial photos of the Berri Estates site.

Aerial photos of your business’ property is a valuable piece of documentation. We rarely see the value at the time the photos are taken, but in five, ten or fifty years time, the photos are invaluable.

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