5 Ways to Prepare for Corporate Portraits (Headshots)

Years ago the only places you might have seen a corporate head shot was on the back of a book or printed and framed, hanging in a company’s front office. A white background was the typical ‘look’ that these head shots had, and for a long time it was the standard in head shot photography.

Today, with easy access to a multitude of places to display business photos in both printed and digital format, a corporate head shot is an important part of information you can provide to your potential clients via your website, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, in your business premises, on reports, in an email signature, on business cards….and many other places. Potential clients love to see who they are likely to invest in as much as the product or service on offer.

When you are preparing for your head shot photography, there are five decisions you will need to make as a starting point:
1: White background head shots are still common, but why not try some environmental-style photos. Maybe a photo of you within your work environment such as your office, or in front of your business. Sometimes a photo ‘out and about’ is more suitable such as by the river, or doing a task that’s part of your job.
2: Deciding which staff members will need head shots? All? Owners? Office staff? Board members?
3: Does everyone need to have similar photos, or can they vary a bit depending on their role within the business?
4: How may photos of each person do you need? Do you only need one photo per person for your website ‘Staff’ page, or would you like several photos of each person so you can use different ones for different purposes and over a period of time? 
5: If your business has a uniform, do you want the staff to wear the uniform or maybe something less formal?

These are some of the decisions that I lead my client’s through when they contact me for corporate portraits. I can guide you through the process and we can create a plan that will ensure you have head shots that best reflect you and your business.