After a spell of really hot weather, it was nice to have a lovely fine late afternoon photo session. The avocado trees on the family farm were lushes and green and the fallen leaves made for some fun photos with the kids!

The special part about photographing families is seeing personalities shine through. With only an hour or so of photography it’s amazing how each person shows a little bit of themselves.
On this occasion this young lady showed a LOT of personality! The whole family were great, and her personality just couldn’t be missed. From her cheeky smile to her sassy poses, she was just adorable. And not to mention her love for her chooks!
With two handsome young lads in the family as well, they weren’t completely overshadowed by their younger sister, and their smirky grins and eagerness to climb trees weren’t missed!
All these amazing personalities are now captured forever, and the family can enjoy them for years to come with some lovely big acrylic prints to decorate their home..