When you put a popular television show together with a charming country cottage you get a great ‘behind the scenes’ look at both. It was a privilege to be asked by Carolyn if I would be able to come along and take some photos as a record of this memorable afternoon at Crossfield Cottage. Who wouldn’t want to take photos of great hosts making a television show about a unique cottage?!
The afternoon was a mix of hiding behind plants in the garden and taking photos from strange angles to keep out of the video, to photos of the two amazing hosts, Hayley and Lauren, with various combinations of people, and everything in between!
A big ‘Thank you’ to Carolyn and Mark for asking me to be there, and also to Adelady for being great at what you do to showcase how great South Australia is! As a fellow ‘behind the scenes’ professional, a ‘Thank you’ goes out to Grant, Millie, Morgan and Adam who are an important part of creating great content for us all to watch! I can’t wait to see the episode when it airs in a couple of months.