When I’m driving around the Riverland and see the bitumen roads, brick buildings, glass windows and other ‘chunks’ that make up our man-made environment, it’s easy to see it as an overall bulky mixture of useful, but unappealing, things that we use in our daily lives.
However, when parts of our urban environment are isolated they can be used as a unique backdrop to some great portraits.
The lines that are created by a road or poles, or the colours of nature interwoven amongst the blandness of metal and concrete can be used in creative ways to incorporate various parts of our environment into a great portrait photo.
The reason I started my ‘Urban Series’ was to challenge myself out of the mentality that the best portraits need to be set within a nature environment….and it’s done just that…challenged me. There is certainly a whole lot more elements within the photo, especially the background, that need to be considered in this kind of environment but with a careful eye for good composition it’s a great way to create unique portraits.