When I’m taking photos, whether it’s portraits of people or pets, I always look for the ‘behind the scenes’ images that show relationships and trust, and when people are their most comfortable and relaxed. The moments that are captured when someone isn’t looking, they’re busy doing something, or they’re in a world of their own. I love these moments just as much, if not more, than the posed photos.

The funniest photos can come from the moments when animals make a funny face like a horse chewing on something, or a dog when their ears and lips are bouncing around when they run.

It’s also important for me to photograph the details, the things that are there but not always the main subject, like special shoes or sentimental jewellery, a creative shadow or reflection.

Precious memories of your horse or pet can be captured and created into beautiful prints to display in your home. Enquiries can be made here.