Aerial photography gives me such a buzz! It’s not the same as flying high in a commercial plane peeking out of a tiny window and unable to see the details of the land. Flying in a little two-seater fibreglass plane is a rush, a feeling of freedom and a little scary at times!
Lining up the photo through my viewfinder, clicking away, the plane drifting in the breeze, getting back on course, then doing it all over again to get a series of photos for my client to choose from.
I usually take photos of properties from different heights and a range of directions to get a good series of photos to choose from. Many times when I show a client their photos, the ones that I pick because they’re the best photographically aren’t always the ones that my client likes the most. Sometimes they see the pile of farm rubbish (every farm has one!), or they prefer the photo with a significant landmark in the background like the Murray River, or other reasons.
I guide my clients step-by-step through the photography experience, from pre-session consultation to talk about their expectations and what type of prints they might like in their home, right through to selecting the photos, and delivering their carefully created prints.

Aerial photography is a great way to record your property, and is a great gift idea. To make an enquiry, please click here.