Have I ever mentioned how much I love photographing dogs? Yes! Well, I’m going to mention it again….I love photographing dogs!! Big ones, small ones, cooperative ones, not-so-cooperative ones, fast ones, slow ones……I’m sure you get the idea!
It’s incredible that each one has their own distinct personality. How they can be content and just meander around the park one day, but be so active another day. These two usually casually roam around the park, their noses in full action, without a care in the world. Fast forward to their photo day, and Archer is very co-operative, comes when his ‘mum’ calls him, and is more than happy to pose. Austin, on the other hand, just continues on his merry way, and isn’t interested in the doggy treats or the fact that he’s a superstar model for an hour!
The challenge is fun, and I’ll do it again and again and again.
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